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The Wind in the Willows

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One spring, Mole decides he can put off spring cleaning for a little while longer and embarks on a series of adventures with his new companion Rat. They embark on a caravan excursion with Toad to the riverbank for a picnic, until Toad switches loyalties to his new automobile and his reckless driving compels Mole and Rat to seek assistance from Badger in controlling Toad's wasteful habits. The magistrate imposes a 20-year sentence on Toad for stealing, dangerous driving, and Gross Impertinence, but Toad manages to evade capture. Badger gets severely battered as he attempts to protect Toad Hall from the Weasels' schemes while Toad seduces the daughter of the jailer and escapes prison disguised as a washerwoman. To retake Toad Hall also requires a strategy and all four allies.
79 min
7.6 min
United Kingdom

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