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Searching for the Elephant

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Hyun-woo, a freelance photographer, has an impressive resume and an appealing lifestyle. But the pain of his ex-girlfriend Mari's abandonment has clawed at his very core. He can't tell what's real and what's a hallucination anymore. Soo-yeon, Hyun-sister, woo's is married to Min-seok, a plastic surgeon and friend of Hyun- woo's. But he has sexual encounters with the women around him and wonders whether he has a problem with sexual addiction. Longtime friend Jin-hyuk is an expert in the field of financing. Furthermore, he is having an affair with Min-wife. seok's If it means being with the one he loves, he is willing to give up everything. Though on the outside they appear to have it all together, three guys are actually hiding deep, personal pains that they are making a concerted effort to keep hidden. As much as they try to reason their way out of the pain, it only becomes more perplexing and difficult.
144 min
5.5 min
M-Line Distribution
Romance, Drama
South Korea

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