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First Kid

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Some people believe that being a country's leader is one of the most lonely jobs in the world. Being the child of a world leader, on the other hand, can be doubly difficult. Being constantly surrounded by security officers, limited in movement, and having almost every waking moment meticulously monitored makes normalcy impossible. No one understands this better than Luke Davenport, the son of US President Davenport. He acts like a brat to his private Secret Service agent to express his loneliness, frustration, and feelings of isolation from family and friends. When the agent snaps from the strain in front of the First Lady, Luke is assigned a new agent. He is revealed to be the massive Sam Simms, a bit of a rogue who rose through the ranks through sheer determination rather than strict adherence to Secret-Service protocol. At first, Luke employs all of his old tricks on Sam. Instead of becoming enraged, Sam appears to comprehend.
101 min
5.2 min
Comedy, Family

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