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It's a love story that's hotter than the oil that's boiling in a wok that's already sizzling. Hungry Wok is a modest and somewhat run-down Chinese eatery that can be found directly across the street from the six-star Hotel Giant. Chil Seong, the current proprietor of the eatery, initially acquired ownership of the establishment with the intention of providing a place of employment for his former inmates. Chil Seong is visited at some point in time by a man and a lady whose lives were completely upended in an instant. Chil Seong's assistance is required for both Seo Poong, a once-famous chef, and Sae Woo, a once-wealthy heiress who has fallen on hard times, so that they can get back on their feet. Tune in to Wok of Love to find more about the passion and love that can be found in the chaotic working environment of a kitchen, and learn more about it by tuning in.
35 min
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SM Culture & Contents
South Korea

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