The Legend of Zu

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He was destined to be the one. When Lu Pao wants to get his hands on the Red Ghost Stone, it's best to keep your distance. Stone and world are guarded by Sushan Institution, China's most renowned and prominent martial arts school. Ding Yin, a brilliant young swordsman, is given the Red Ghost Stone by the school's headmaster to keep it out of the hands of Lu Pao. By entering Sushan School, Ding Yin swears to protect the world from the evil of Lu Pao and to become the strongest swordsman in all of China and the world at large. A chance encounter with Lu Pao's daughter Yu Wu Xing, who is strikingly similar in appearance to his late wife, changes everything for Ding Yin. The answer to the question of whether Ding Yin's objective will be successful when he falls in love with Wu Xing is an important one.
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