The Fiery Priest

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Today's society is plagued with a wide array of despicable criminal acts. They are able to forgive themselves, though, by presenting a testimony each week. They are under the impression that all it takes to repent is for them to have faith. However, the reality is that they have enough faith to do the same acts over and over again without feeling any guilt. These people want to make amends for their misdeeds so that they can enjoy a state of ease and freedom. It is not about the people who are being harmed as a result of them. They assert that all people and their respective religions are on an equal footing. However, the moment has come to discriminate against those individuals who simply use them for their own benefit. It is necessary for modern religion to screen individuals to determine whether or not they are truly decent people, to punish those who deserve to be punished, and to protect justice. A priest who has a strong sense of justice joins forces with a private investigator and a district attorney. They investigate the circumstances behind the death of an old priest in an effort to bring about justice.
35 min
8.2 min
Samhwa Networks
Comedy, Crime
South Korea

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