Survivors has been a British science fiction television series produced by the BBC. It depicts the lifestyles of a bunch of people who lived a virulent strain of influenza which has damaged most of the species. According to the producers, the series is not a movie of the 1970s BBC television series Survivors, produced by Terry Nation, but is loosely based on the book of the identical name which Nation wrote following the series of the 1970s series. Two series are made from this brand new show. Series 1 ran on BBC One and BBC H D in November--December 2008, also string 2 ran in January--February 2010, ending with a cliff hanger. The BBC announced on 13 that, due to poor viewing figures and different considerations, Survivors were cancelled. The series had its premiere in South Africa on BBC Entertainment in September 2009, in France on 12 on DTTV station NRJ 12 January 2010, also on BBC America in the USA on 13. The series' premiere has been on Channel Nine, on 21 March 2010.
60 min
7.6 min
United Kingdom

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