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The Western Wei enslaved a vast number of citizens throughout the Warring Period. The rich lords throw Chu Qiao and other slaves into a wilderness as their next hunting prey. Yan Xun, the Prince of Northern Wei, saves her. She is then introduced to a strong Yuwen family and sees their violent power battle. When she sees this, she swears that she will take her younger sister and flee the situation. Yuwen Yue notices her and trains her as she befriends Yan Xun. Western Wei, however, goes into combat, and Yan Xun's family is murdered. Yan Xun becomes ambitious and nasty after the occurrence in order to avenge the things and people he has lost. He mistrust Chu Qiao and exploits her commitment and love, ignoring their connection and sacrifices for power. Chu Qiao breaks up with Yan Xun and fights with Yuwen Yue, shattering his retribution intentions. She convinces Yuwen to end slavery, becoming a popular military strategist/general.
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