Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

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The season is Post Disaster 323. More than 300 years after having a terrific war between Earth and Mars referred to as the"Calamity War", Mars has been terraformed and colonized by humans. However despite the advancements, individuals on Mars crave freedom against Earth's administration and also try to better their livelihoods. While the majority of Mars' nations have received autonomy, the planet is dependent on the planet for development. A young orphan named Mikazuki Augus is part of a set of children who work with the civilian security company Chryse Guard Security, entrusted with the safety of their Martian Princess Kudelia Aina Bernstein, who's plans for the nation of Chryse to protect independence from Earth. 1 afternoon, the group was attacked. During the strike, Orga Itsuka, the first choice of these kiddies and the next Army Division within CGS, decides to rebel against higher-ups along with the adults who had escaped and abandoned the kiddies and foot soldiers to keep and fight because decoys. Augus must decide to follow his friendshis assignment as he glanced to the legendary lawsuit: the Gundam Barbatos.
25 min
7.9 min
Drama, Animation

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