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Intern sporting activities press reporter Flavor Xin was charged to talk to the champ of the 50-meter gun occasion. She was shocked to figure out its Shen Qing Yuan, her shooting trainer which she covertly suched as 4 years back. Throughout the meeting, Flavor Xin was taken aback by Shen Qing Yuan's cold attitude, as well as she begins stuttering, triggering her to virtually lose her job. Tang Xin locates factors to come up to Shen Qing Yuan and tries to fix the origin of the issue. In the shooting group, she meets all type of contestants, each with their one-of-a-kind stories and life histories. Lastly, she managed to generate a shooting program that was favored by the audience and resolves her work environment crisis. With psycho therapist Ding Fang's aid, Tang Xin helps Shen Qing Yuan settle the knot in his heart and makeup with his previous comrade Du Ling Feng. Bring dreams and also love in their heart, they base on the shooting stage with each other, aiming greater towards splendor.
45 min
8.1 min
WE tv, Tencent Video
Comedy, Drama

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