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Saichi Sugimoto is really a tough soldier that participates at the Russo-Japanese War and that made the nick name"Sugimoto the Immortal." Honors in combat are of use to him when he could be expelled from the army to get a certain episode, but he's got a goal a promise to keep, and for that he'll need money. Fate prepared him a much far more interesting challenge and in the same time, even more profitable, although his idea to receive it will be to combine the Hokkaido gold rush and try his fortune. Each time a man tells of a burglar stole a huge volume of gold from a band of Ainu to later hide his booty, the story, his eyes light up. Can it be a narrative that is fictitious? The man tells him that the only real path to locate the golden that is stolen is to find a variety of men who were in jail together with the burglar and that carry the paths tattooed on their own bodies. However, Hokkaido is really a tough region and its constant nature, so when you're still deciding if this a narrative is more than a Chinese narrative, you will have to fight to secure your life from a enormous bear... and that will come to your rescue is just a Ainu girl who seems to understand something about the narrative told by the older man.
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