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Ming Wei is a part-time translator who enjoys acting. She was unexpectedly picked to be the women lead of award winning star Mu Tingzhou's upcoming drama. There she enacts the love story between a princess and also a master in Ming Dynasty with Mu Tingzhou. After an accident which created Mu Tingzhou to shed his memories, he only bears in mind Ming Wei who he safeguarded a lot as the princess in the drama. In order to help Mu Tingzhou recover his memories, Ming Wei begins dealing with his life, and they gradually fall in love. After Mu Tingzhou reclaims his memories, he went back to being the award winning star he was, as well as seem to move additionally far from Ming Wei's life. Nevertheless, Mu Tingzhou located the bits and also pieces of his life with Ming Wei as well as the two of them ultimately express their feelings for every other as well as penned down a romantic romance.
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