Asia – Secret Lives, Hidden Places

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Behind the veil of tourists, people and animals share the same backyard in Asia's most beautiful National Parks. Unlike protected areas in North America and Europe, most endangered habitats in Asia are also home to people as well as wildlife. This series looks at how people and animals can live together and stay alive. Meet gentle Shinto people who have learned to live in the shadow of an active volcano. Meet a tribal man who cares for orphan elephants during the day while wild elephants threaten his village every night. See how the spirits of a tropical island off Borneo stopped a local Imam from cutting down the rainforest. One-horned rhinoceroses, Asiatic elephants, Guizhou golden monkeys, and a lot of other animals live in the land of Asia, from the flood plains of India to the granite peaks of China's holy mountains. The result is a mix of great stories, interesting characters, rare and endangered animals, and a dramatic and beautiful setting.
45 min
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Megan Gay,

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