The Emperor in August

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In July 1945, during completion of World War II, Japan is required to accept the Potsdam Statement. A closet meeting has actually continued via night and day, yet a choice can not be made. The united state drops atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and also Nagasaki, Japan. General Korechika Anami is torn over making the appropriate choice and also the Emperor of Japan bothers with his people. Head Of State Kantaro Suzuki leads the cabinet conference, while Principal Assistant Hisatsune Sakomizu can't do anything, but watch the meeting. At this time, Significant Kenji Hatanaka as well as various other young commissioned officers, who protest Japan surrendering, relocate to occupy the palace as well as a radio broadcasting station. The radio terminal is readied to transmit Emperor Hirohito reading out the Imperial Rescript on the Discontinuation of the War.
136 min
6.6 min
Drama, War, History

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