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Lewis Collins is back to leading hirelings on the move in Southeast Asia. This time around the cast is abnormally great consisting of Lee Van Cleef, Brett Halsey (Cop Game), Romano Puppo (Robowar), Mike Monty (Raiders of Atlantis), Bobby Rhodes (The Great Alligator), and so on. Anyway, Van Cleef has Collins go on some random mission to find a disc with all kind of valuable insane intelligence information on it. It just happens that Donald Pleasence, an arbitrary government official, employs another mercenary-for-hire Manfred Lehman to tag along and also make certain the information winds up in the right-hand men. Van Cleef isn't taking any type of possibilities, and also considering that he is crooked and also murders Collins's various other bosses quickly, he positions Romano Puppo in the group too to make sure the operation runs efficiently. Collins might not be also expressive yet at the very least he seems to find out rapidly that's bent on get him, so the goal continues with lots of double-crosses, weaves, and also obviously lots of surges!
105 min
4.8 min
War, Action

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