Rise of the Footsoldier 4: Marbella

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Fresh out of prison, Pat Tate steps straight to his own Essex nightclub. But he soon sets out to Marbelle to revenge the ones who put him away. During Spain, Pat cannot turn off from the possibility to score the main drug deal of his own life. All he needs is to get his Essex pals Tony and Craig to send the bucks to Marbella to close the sale. But a plane trip, turns to a gigantic road trip packaged with trickery as well as threat. And Tony is worried about making it back again to England since he's promised to support his his friend Nigel Benn at the boxing match of his lifetime. Pat profits with all an violent revenge he's craved for a long time while trusting in Marbella. Revenges are created Nigel Benn walk to what turns out to be perhaps probably one of the very tragic battles ever sold, outside. But the drugs they bring back seems to be a batch and cause them more problem than they have anticipated.
85 min
5.5 min
Crime, Action

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