Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos

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From everything lurks in the dark, There's no body left to protect us. Nobody is coming to rescue us. THE MONSTERS HAVE WON. The world belongs to them. The Vatican's last line of Deadly defence The Congregation has been overrun by the supernatural forces of darkness. Our heroes are dead. Only the inexplicable stay. Included in this is Alberic Van Helsing addict, the and murderer, survivor creatures which were once he is now hunted by his prey around America. But if an evil is resurrected from the woods of Norway, it drops to eventually become the hunter more if creature and humanity equally would be to see the dawn. Van Helsing's pursuit for success and salvation takes him through the ruins of a neogothic Europe, where he must face the vampire queen of the Vatican, a manmade monster with all the core of a storm, even the lycanthropic god of the woods, the eldest ruler of the slums of Cairo, and the crazed vampire demi-god who threatens to devour all of them.
56 min
N/A min
3 Wolves
Animation, Fantasy
United Kingdom

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