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A young girl known only as Pil and her three domesticated weasels make their home in the mean streets of the medieval city of Roc-en-Brume. She has only been able to stay alive thanks to the food that was pilfered from the evil Regent Tristain's castle. One day, Pil decides to get away from his guards by disguising herself as a princess. As a result, she gets involved in a crazy and delirious journey along with Crobar, a large and clumsy guard who believes she is a noble, and Rigolin, a youthful and bumbling jester. It is going to be up to Pil to rescue Roland, the legitimate heir to the throne who is currently afflicted by a spell. Pil will learn that nobility can be found in all of us as a result of this quest, which will result in the entire kingdom being turned upside down.
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