Love's Abiding Joy

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Settlers Missie and Willie Lahaye's continued Westward Travel. As they set up homestead in the way West, their roots now implanted, Missie begins to appreciate that her passion for teaching while expanding your family ranch with just a bit of assistance from Matthew and sons Jeff, because Willie cares for the couple's young daughter Kathy. The departure of young Kathy suddenly offsets the pleasure of a long-promised trip from Missie's father Clark After the frontier railroad comes to town. Whilst the demise of their kid begins to induce a psychological wedge between Missie and Willie, the ravaged father suddenly takes an offer made by the powerful Samuel Doros to assume the role of town sheriff. Their faith shaken and their close-knit bond suddenly torn asunder, Missie and Willie desperately attempt to bring their family that was crumbling together as kid Jeff faces a succession of dangers while decreasing for Doros' delightful daughter Colette.
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