John Ford: Dreaming the Quiet Man

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Dreaming the Quiet Man' has interviews with people who love Ford, like Martin, Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovicz, Jim Sheridan, William Dowling, and Joe McBride, who are all Ford fans. Mesmerizing archives and rare photos of the making of the film can be found at the site. Connemara, on the west coast of Ireland, is where Ford's parents were born and where he grew up. When Ford returns to Ireland in 1922, he meets his cousins the Feeneys, who tell him about how Ford's parents left Ireland after the Great Famine and how the young Ford saw his cousins' house burned down by the Black and Tans. For a movie project, Ford gave money to the IRA. This is where Ford grew up. He became a director in the early days of Hollywood. The boy did well, but Ireland was always on his mind, even when he was happy.
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