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Khalid, a global superstar who has won multiple platinum awards, will celebrate the upcoming release of his highly anticipated sophomore album "Free Spirit" with the premiere of a special companion short film that will also be titled "Free Spirit." This film will be shown as a one-night event in movie theaters all over the world. During this one-of-a-kind event for fans, "Free Spirit" will make its debut on the big screen, and then attendees will get an opportunity to listen to an early, exclusive preview of the album. Khalid and Emil Nava are the filmmakers behind the short film "Free Spirit," which they conceived of and created. It is a clear creative parallel to his new album, in which he uses the new music to express the stories of the beauty and the pain of growing up, much as Khalid has always done in his work. By providing a companion piece in the form of a visual narrative, this video adds depth to his artistic prowess and lyrics. After a special introduction to the audience, the film will be screened, and the evening will come to a close with a listening session for the record, which will include commentary from Khalid that has never been seen before.
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Music, Drama

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