Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back

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Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee) comes to visit his sister and finds that the town has been overrun with associates of the Arian brotherhood. These Arian brothers weren't expecting a tae kwon do expert to appear. Tommy and his sister's husband played up to stop the racism. Whats have the crap kicked out of these? Complete with also a foam nose and big red shoes when the man kicking the crap out of these is dressed just like homie the killer clown. And thats just ONE of the countless many many many cinematic jewels contained within this activity packed blessing to the could be your worst martial arts film since the street-fighter of sonny chiba! You really don't think me? Watch for yourself namby-pants and also have a look at the very greatest of their finest 3. Now!!!
90 min
4.8 min

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