All About the Benjamins

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Bucum Jackson (Cube) is a bounty hunter with plenty of attitude and no interest in taking on someone. Jackson has techniques of tracking down offenders, but they work, and yet one day he hopes to become their own boss and open their own private investigation business . Reggie Wright (Epps) is just a slick con artist who's avoiding regulations, and Jackson. During a cat and mouse chase, both stumble upon a multi-million dollar diamond heist. Hiding from Jackson, Wright finds himself in the thieves' getaway van and eventually ends up needing to escape from them once they discover their booty is imitation, much to the displeasure of their callous boss (Flanagan). When Wright meets his girl friend (Mendes), he finds his newly purchased lottery ticket would be that the only real winner of $60 million. Unfortunately had been abandoned in the thieves' van, so he left handed Jackson to help him return again.
95 min
5.9 min
New Line Cinema

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